Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Somewhere Inside of Me

A room, a dark awesome room,
Memories in store, beautiful memories,
Marred forever by claws of fear,
Incessant echo of screams,
Bouncing off the grimy walls,
Shrieks of pain, shouts for help,
Go unanswered again and again,
A room, a room without doors,
Moisture creeps in through the walls
Bringing in more dread along,
Stagnant water, thick as blood,
Smells like poison, tastes morbid,
Dreams lie broken, shards of glass,
Mist of doubt thickens each hour,
A room, a room without windows,
Life outside moves at it pace,
Remains within just rot away,
Rotting till they helpless lie,
Time just simply passes by till,
Webs of gloom, in corners, knit
And spirits residing give up and die.


  1. pretty sinister...just like you...

  2. more rhyming.. and shivery...sounds more like you are having a vision and you want to detail down each before it slips and the next one pops.. like i said bullet !!!