Friday, August 14, 2009

Before I Close My Eyes Forever...

My blood oozes out, drains me dry,
can you hear me,
stabs of pain, that make me cry?

I Clench unclench my wrist, I do,
do you see it,
marks that my digging nails drew?

I lie on my bed, bleeding away,
can you hold me,
once, before forever still I lay?

I wriggle my toes, I can still feel,
do you care,
if whether I can or cannot heal?

My bed is stained, its a deep blood red,
will you miss me,
when I am a memory, I am gone, when I am dead?

My blood, now, drips off my sheet,
can you help me,
before I give up, before I am beat?

I must live like this till I die,
can't you stop this,
this pain, just till my final goodbye?

Suddenly, I feel, I hear my bones crack,
do you hear it,
my veins, they tear, they snap and whack?

I know you can't help me, can't make it stop,
and I can see you,
tears in your eyes, like a million raindrops,
I can feel it,
your pain, your heart breaking, and
I know- you hear, you see, you care, you feel,
you'll miss, you'll cry, you'll hold me even after I die,

You sit there next to me, holding my hand, right by my side,
and I know, my sweet love,
that this is the last thing I see, you only you, my last sight.


  1. b_e_h_e_n_c_h_o_d! <---- so much stress.

    dude you write so well!

  2. once again!

    wtf? :D

  3. u know the 'secret'@ my inspiration! :p