Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Greatest Mystery Of All Times!

Last night we (M,N my roomie-L and I) cooked rice (cooker1) and daal (cooker2). We ate, we hogged, we laughed, we bitched, we gossiped, we laughed, we cracked jokes, we ate, we laughed. After all this (routine activity) we cleared the food and took both the cookers to our house to wash. I headed to the loo ( you know after eating and laughing that is like as good as digested) and I noticed L washing cooker1 while cooker2 sat nicely (daal sticking all around it n all) on the kitchen slab. I went in, came out. Didn't look at the slab. Went to our room (yes we share it). Threw myself on my bed (my favourite part), lifted my laptop, placed it on my lap (thats where its meant to be anyway) and happily went back to my online world...the world of html...back to my fellow netizens.

I dont remember anyone coming over, anyone of us going out of the house, our door being left open. Everything was normal. L and I were both online (ahem...cough...ahem). At around 3 in the morning we started gossiping and bitching and we were probably done by 4.30 after which L went off to sleep while I was back to being a netizen. At 5 I got off my bed to put my laptop away, out in the hall I noticed that our door was only bolted (we always lock it with the key from inside). So what, big deal. Lets go to sleep I thought. I slept off. Morning...early morning (I know 5 is early morning too but I meant like 7-7.30ish) I got up to go to the loo again (yes I know) and on my way I noticed the kitchen slab (my favourite spot it would seem). Cooker2 was still sitting on the slab without complaining but....BUT cooker1 was not there. So what, big deal, maybe L gave it back to M...maybe M took it away last night. I came back, climbed back on my bed, slept. A couple of hours later someone rang our bell. It was our irritating, forever laughing that silly laugh of hers, maid. L opened the door for her. Apparantly we had left our key in the keyhole outside. We took it back, kept it away, slept. Finally got up at 1 p.m. feeling hungry. L decided to cook rice (M and N were away, gone back home for the weekend). For that we needed where exactly was cooker1!? L checked our whole house and then M's whole house but no sign of cooker1!! I decided to be Sherlock but to no avail. Absolutely no trace of poor cooker!! Called M, she had no clue about it either, it MUST be at our place only, HAS to be, where COULD it go ANYWAY. Like, no one will want to steal a rice cooker for heaven's sake! Atleast not just a part of it! Yes that is what was missing. A PART of the cooker.

We have exhausted all theories from maid to supernatural! It is quite puzzling and disturbing. Any suggestions? (and no, cooker2 will never kidnap cooker1...its too nice and just satisfied, content sitting on the slab)

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