Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I thought it was raining
So I thought I'd stop for a while.
I thought I'll enjoy the rain a little
So I stood there with a smile,
Enjoying the rain pouring down on me.
The water started rising and soon I was submerged.
The water was so beautiful, so blue.
Under water I saw everything anew!
I could breathe under water!
I thought I was a fish!
It was like I always belonged here.
With eyes wonder-struck and hair flowing wild, I just stood there.
I stood there for how long, I cannot remember
but I think many seasons passed.
I closed my eyes and felt at peace.
And then I wasn't submerged anymore!
I opened my eyes in confusion because
I did not know why there was no water anymore.
The rain continued but the water never rose again.
I thought I was a fish, I thought I belonged under water,
My dear blue water!
Where did you go?
For a second I could not breathe without water.
What happened?
I waited, full of hope,
Maybe the water will rise again, take me again?
I stood there waiting for how long, I cannot remember.
but I think many seasons passed.
It took me ages to realize that
It had long since stopped raining.
I was just standing under a tree!
My soul is drenched and shivering
But I continue to stand,
But I continue to wait.
Maybe it will rain, once again.
Maybe if I wait too long, I will finally belong...

Monday, February 7, 2011

Lost Memories

The dark recess of your mind is a dangerous place to be.
Never go within or you might end up like me!
'Cos you never forget, you just discard.
It's not like it's not there, It's just that you cannot see!
So forgive if you can for forget you just won't,
You will only forget that you never forgot,
Never remembering that you never forgot is the key!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

And what if?

And what if there is no fate,
it is only the choices we make?

And what if there is no God,
each one working of their own accord?

And what if there is no you and me,
nothing of what I dreamed could be?

What if there is only one go, no hit and trial?
And just what if, God forbid, What if I am in denial?

Are they working?

Them pills do work
Them pills don't work
I cannot really say
But yes, I feel happy today!
Is it them pills or is it the day?
Is it the bright sun shining over my head?
I am not really certain but perhaps
I can say I am doing okay!
I find myself writing after a long long time
Am I finally awake?
I hope so, I ain't sure
but this much I can say
I do feel happy today!

What is the real right?

My dearest anonymous faceless reader...my silent reader...my nonexistent reader... I have a question.

What is the REAL right?

Is it the 'right thing to do' or is it the 'right thing for me'?

There is much confusion. Please help clear it!

What IS the real right?