Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What is the real right?

My dearest anonymous faceless reader...my silent reader...my nonexistent reader... I have a question.

What is the REAL right?

Is it the 'right thing to do' or is it the 'right thing for me'?

There is much confusion. Please help clear it!

What IS the real right?


  1. gd question.....I believe that "right" has always been a relative & subjective term. What logically follows in ones frame of reference is labelled as right by that person and which may not be logically conclusive in others frame of reference so other might label it as wrong. I think that most of the conflicts in day to day life with the people around us or even with our inner self is due to relative nature of the term "right". Human being is eternally in quest of finding a satisfactory answer of this question that "What is real right?". So to sum up all what I have sad there is nothing absolute right in this dynamic life or world.

  2. I knowwwww!! Everything you just said is true, which is why I am in such a dilemma over this! How do you know if your right is actually the 'real' right? Selfish or selfless...

    I guess, it is never just black or white...it is always SOME shade of grey! :) Whatever lets you sleep at night is right I suppose!