Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I thought it was raining
So I thought I'd stop for a while.
I thought I'll enjoy the rain a little
So I stood there with a smile,
Enjoying the rain pouring down on me.
The water started rising and soon I was submerged.
The water was so beautiful, so blue.
Under water I saw everything anew!
I could breathe under water!
I thought I was a fish!
It was like I always belonged here.
With eyes wonder-struck and hair flowing wild, I just stood there.
I stood there for how long, I cannot remember
but I think many seasons passed.
I closed my eyes and felt at peace.
And then I wasn't submerged anymore!
I opened my eyes in confusion because
I did not know why there was no water anymore.
The rain continued but the water never rose again.
I thought I was a fish, I thought I belonged under water,
My dear blue water!
Where did you go?
For a second I could not breathe without water.
What happened?
I waited, full of hope,
Maybe the water will rise again, take me again?
I stood there waiting for how long, I cannot remember.
but I think many seasons passed.
It took me ages to realize that
It had long since stopped raining.
I was just standing under a tree!
My soul is drenched and shivering
But I continue to stand,
But I continue to wait.
Maybe it will rain, once again.
Maybe if I wait too long, I will finally belong...


  1. Beautiful thoughts Aarushi! Are you still in Manipal? We are a growing blog and we would like people to write at our blog and also to spread the word!!

  2. Hi Manipal Blog...

    Thank you very much! Sadly, no, I am not in Manipal anymore... I graduated last year.

    Anyhow... all the best for the 'unofficial manipal blog' :)