Sunday, September 2, 2012

Repulsive Romeo

There’s something about your ugly face,
That double chin, that unibrow.
When you look at me with ragged breath,
My body melts inside out.

The whispering lips are ample full,
Baring beautiful cigar-stained teeth.
The gap between your molars two
Let escape an alcoholic reek.

With longing when you lift your eyes,
Your gaze is but a silken lace.
As your protruding belly heaves,
Things around me turn to haze.

There’s something about your ugly face,
That balding head, those droopy lids.
Though I am ashamed to my very core,
I continue our secret trysts.

Hasta nunca!

So you can walk away today and never look back but I wouldn't know cos I wouldn't be waiting around to see...!