Monday, August 17, 2009

He and I

Today is my wedding day, I look lovely they say,
I am with my man, to-be husband,
I've finally found my soul-mate

I scan the sea of happy faces,
he is there, the only one I want to see,
the only face with mixed emotions

Why did I have to see him now,
I turn back to the one I stand beside,
to no avail, the seed of doubt is buried deep within

Will he treat me better than that man I see,
I dont know, I was the apple of his eyes,
and I know I will always be

How can I undo what is done, its writ in stone,
how can I ever decide, how can I
ever choose one out of the two

I shoot him with a quick glance,
yes, I see tears shimmering in his eyes,
I see in his eyes a million brilliant gems

My heart reaches out to him, we could'nt
have been together forever, it was'nt
meant to be, I had to someday leave

We walk around the sacred pyre, he
sits there with a pasted smile,
he looks at me then my soon-to-be

I can read his mind, I just know what
he is thinking, "I'll kill you if I
ever hear her cry, know, I'll forever be her knight"

Ceremony over, now I am a wife,
it is time for me to say my final goodbye,
I walk to him, he hugs me tight
"Daddy I'll always remain your little girl,
don't cry, you'll always be
my first love till the end of time"

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