Wednesday, August 26, 2009


The demons inside of me,
Come haunt me in my sleep,
My mother's tears-
Her thick tears of blood,
Her painful scream-
A soundless appeal,
Butchers' knife-
Tearing sounds of flesh, I hear,
I walk on a thin tight rope,
Under me a pitless bottom of fear,
I cross the road,
An eighteen wheeler runs me over,
I twist, I turn and
A searing pain I feel,
It burns, it burns and why,
Oh why does it never heal,
Next I am trapped
In a room without a door-
Its marbel, its black,
I am the prisoner of the unknown,
Unknown is dark, noones here,
Unknown is evil darkness's lair
I am running so hard but
My chasers always faster,
Sometimes I die
'cause of my very own insane laughter,
I yell for help, I choke,
I am a mute, I have no voice,
Suddenly I find myself in an endless maze,
Walls keep closing in on me,
No way I can escape,
The ceiling is so low, my knees-
Sore from crouching endlessly,
There are no exists, only turns,
Turns which, to nowhere, lead,
An Ocean, a blue ocean deep,
Tormented waters take me,
I scream for help,
I scream, "Papa!",
His eyes are worried, questioning me,
He wipes the tears off my cheeks,
He holds me tight, comfortingly,
Its late at night and,
I softly speak,
"The demons inside of me,
Come haunt me in my sleep"

1 comment:

  1. whoa.. talking of impact i could feel the feared tension as i read runs like a bullet, though i hope the words are a work of fiction n "bears no resemblance to anyone living(specially you) or dead" lol ...