Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Deep Dark Forest

I went to a forest, dark forest, on my own,
in awe, unprepared, unaware, all alone.

The woods called me in, beckoned, invited me,
they looked vivid and bright, so very green.

I left behind all of my worldly ties,
not knowing one day I'd regret all those byes.

At night when I lay down on a firm bed of cane,
I heard terrible cries and I turned sides in vain.

I missed all the people I'd left behind,
suddenly I felt I was mad, losing my mind.

The very next day things went from bad to worse
I was hasty, I had no one to blame but myself to curse.

To pieces my little heart broke day by day,
once decided, 'twas done, no other way.

How I wished I would just die, just perish,
rid of this life which was now nightmarish.

Just when I had given up all faith, all hope,
they came and together they threw me a rope.

They were two sisters, my rope for me,
my own messiah, two angels I could see.

They gave me my strength, helped me survive,
for the first time in days I felt I was alive.

I grew so dependent, I could not be away,
existence without them, unimaginable even for a day.

Confidence restored, I knew life would be fine,
but when they would leave, I was sure , I would pine.

They promised me they'd always be there to halve my pain,
Promised me that they'd never let me go insane again.

But leave they sure did one day, left me all alone,
the darkness was back, there was gloom I missed home.

The dark woods got darker, the forest - a jail,
the prisoner was I, I would weep and I'd wail.

But who'd ever hear my cries, my tender heart breaking,
'cept my ma, somewhere, whose heart, too, was aching.

Years later now I sit down to recall,
memorys afresh of bygone years one and all.

Ask me not how I managed escaping,
a never healing wound that is forever gaping.


  1. Wow loved it very dark and thrilling poem!Keep up the goog work! =]By the way this is coming from a 11 year old. =p

  2. Thank you Mr. 11 yr old :)
    Wrote it many years back... probably my first one! :D