Friday, August 7, 2015


Blue is the colour of the clear sky up above
and the oceans & rivers down below.
If your eyes are blue, you may be a foreigner
but if your face is blue, you are probably sick.
However, if you are bruised black & blue
you were perhaps in a fight.
If you are feeling blue, you're sad
and might feel like listening to blues.
But if you watch a blue film,
it might just 'cheer' you up.
Blue is the colour of royalty
and indigo completes the rainbow.
Blue is the largest whale,
blue is the orchid in my vase.
Blue is the colour of patience,
it is the colour of life.
For me, blue is the wallpaper on my screen,
it depicts the dark blue night sky.
It is the colour I love,
It is up there & down below.
It is here, there and everywhere around me and you.


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  2. And Blue is my favorite colour! You know, when I was a kid and everyone around me was picking their favoured football teams based on the players that were playing in them, my favorite team was the one that wore royal blue. Sometimes, I think I'm just weird.

  3. Hahaha...
    Mine is actually not exactly blue but purple. When I was much younger, a teacher had given me 'Blue' as an abstract topic for extempore. I only spoke about feeling blue, to which he said he'd never heard of this before!!! What an idiot.
    So, sometime back this memory came back to me vividly and compelled me write something. Hence the random rambling :P