Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Today, as I was going back home from work, I noticed two women in the metro. They were friends. One was very pretty, she was carrying a verrrryyyyy very ugly clutch. The other one was less than average and was carrying a heartthrob handbag, it had the gleam of a high fashion designer brand.

It got me thinking...
Who must be happier? The one who is beautiful or the one who can afford all things beautiful? Or are both miserable because the other has something they want?

And that triggered off some serious analysis in my head, as always. The over-thinker me.

The women set just a very small example of the things that make us happy or unhappy. Most of our happiness is relative. You are better, you have something that is better, you know more than someone, you have more than someone etc. etc.

But, alongside our relative happiness, is our relative misery. If you have something more than someone, there could be a third person with more than you have. You are or have better, but can never be or have the best. Just as you will always be ahead of some, there will always be someone ahead of you.

Something that makes you sad is a privilege for someone else, there are many in this world who have it worse than you. They will rejoice if they had the chance to step into your shoes.

Does that mean there's nothing like happiness or sorrow? They don't exist?

I feel, sorrow does not exist. If we just stopped feeling sorry for ourselves we will always be happy. I don't want to sound mean, but the easiest way to stay happy is to stop comparing yourself with those who have it better than you, rather, if you have to compare, compare what you have with those who don't. It will make you sad for them for a moment but simultaneously you will be satisfied with whatever has come into your lap.

And, there's no better way to live than to count your blessings every day.


  1. :)
    A matter of choice then! Awesome how Eureka moments strike anywhere and everywhere, right?

  2. True.
    Matter of perception...which, you could say, we choose on our own. So, yes, matter of choice.