Friday, December 23, 2011

Elusive You

I myself understand my heart not.
What is this thing which I so desire?
Shine me the light and guide me through,
for I must search till my feet tire.

What happens when two lovers meet?
How do they know they belong together?
What if I pass my soul mate by?
Shall I live my life lonely forever?

When struck by love the heart beats quicken?
Or flushes hot and cold must I expect?
Do the heavens sing and the Gods convene
a feast and a dance to pay respect?

To this and more, answers I seek
as seasons pass and tone my will,
‘cos for you I’ll wait a thousand years
even if love eludes me still!


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  2. Like this poem and interesting painting you chose to adorn it........ sorry if i barged in, arrived by chance but would come back to read it all :) God bless us all.