Friday, December 23, 2011

Dirty and Desirable

I am dirty, unclean and desirable with you.
Your fierce passion turns me on, I come alive for you.
When you look at me, your shameless half-shut eyes melt from across the room.

With flaming cheeks I lower my lids, it just makes you want me more.
You don’t take me but you don’t let me go.
For darkness we wait, for in darkness you hold me tight with our bodies low.

We close our eyes lest we break this obscene dream so real.
I can’t see you, you turn your face away, I am only allowed to feel.
I hear your heart beat fast against my own, my very soul you steal.

I’ve never felt this shameless but never been this alive before.
No one must know about you, a drug I secretly score.
For in your arms I find ecstasy, though I know I am done for.

My body is so tangled up with yours, it’s a pleasure each time you move.
Your hands are strong and powerful, my aching body is but a puppet to serve.
Your ragged breath drives me crazy as you explore each curve.

I feel so dirty, shameless and desirable, a scarlet red wine.
I can’t not have you, though I don’t belong to you and you aren’t mine.
You may call it a sin but I can swear it’s a pleasure divine.

Your eyes say yes, though your mouth says no.
So we turn off the lights to pretend it’s alright, that we can let go.
But you and I, we both know

That it isn’t.


  1. :)
    One of your best! And by far one of my most favourite poems ever! Good to see it back!

  2. Thank you!! :) :D
    You are too kind!
    [And I hope the poet in YOU is back! Your blog has been too quiet!]

  3. :) I really really loved this poem!
    And no not yet...still stuck in a writer's block! Or in a lot of other mess! But that's fodder for some other poem some other time!