Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Take Me Away To The Land Of Dreams...

I see you there with your arms outstretched
Beckoning me to the land of dreams
Where the sky emits a milky hue
With all shades of blue singing to you.
Trees stand still with quivering leaves
Glistening bright with drops of dew.
The air is chilly but warms you within
Without moving, dreamy fragrances it brings.
You smell the woods where fantasies begin.
Is that a firefly or did I just see tinker bell?
With naked feet I step in the lake
Which flows bright blue right between me and you.
My feet touch pebbles cold, round and soft,
Silk muslin water makes soft lapping sound,
It's a song, to water, ultramarine fairies taught
And now rings in our ears so clear and loud.
I lift my gown and walk to you.
Your face glows bright in the milky hue.
The world has slowed down just for us,
I take your hand in the land of dreams
And together we marvel at the nature’s treat
While the world is covered with the blanket of sleep.

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