Sunday, October 3, 2010

CWG - Khatron Ka Khiladi?

They are scared of the rains because water can cause floods, they are threatened by mosquitoes because mosquitoes spread dengue, they are worried about security, never know when you might be gunned down and now, they are scared of the sun because, perhaps, the Delhi heat might cause them a heat stroke! I wonder how we have survived here for so long!

Yes! The Commonwealth Games, 2010 seem to be woe-stricken this year as each day brings a new problem! It’s like one of those saas-basu sitcoms where the family members face endless troubles throughout their lives (which are eternal of course, but that’s not what we are talking about here). Four countries that are threatening to pull out of the more-than-three-hours-long CWG opening ceremony, due to the discomfort of dilli ki garmi, are New Zealand, Scotland, Canada and Isle of Man.
Well, I just want to say one thing. When clean toilets and rooms without dogs dancing on athletes’ beds, is too much to ask off us, what do you think can be done about the weather, the nature, something that we have no control over? The most we could have done was to ‘green’ Delhi, which we did, as planned. And, we promise, the beautification will last at least for the 12 days!

With the Games just one day away, the queen’s baton has completed its lap in Delhi, after travelling all over the world in the last 11 months. Though her baton is here, Her Highness is not. After all, there is no Kohinoor in India anymore. What is left are politicians no one wants, corruption everyone despises, beggars people ignore, slums that drown in floods and garbage that is everywhere (Of course, for the Games, everything is being cleared off the streets, hidden from view of the tourists. We Indians love to sweep things under the rug, don’t we?)!

Hopefully, things will go smoothly and Delhiites will be saved from further embarrassment. And, if something goes wrong we can always ‘hang’ Kalmadi, right? Didn’t he say so himself? “Hang me if I am proved guilty after the games”?


  1. Lol nice post. Thankfully everything is going pretty well :)

  2. Hehe... yes! Thankfully! Plus the 30 gold medals will probably make our Indians forget about all the embarrassment! :)

  3. makes me wonder how the brits survived here so many centuries. i guess a share in plunder can make one disease-proof, flood-proof and bulletproof.

  4. Haha... if only there was an option to 'like' :P