Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Promise...

I wish I could see you,
you'd give me my strength.
I wish i could hear you,
'cos I feel so bent.

I know life is tough and,
that you'll understand.
Right now patch is rough,
and I do need your hand.

When I come back home,
I will try to forget.
'Cos when your're around,
I'll be okay I bet.

While I write this poem,
I'll try not to think.
Of all of the tears,
that I need to drink.

Before I get there and,
be with you again.
I have miles to cover,
of ditches and pain.

So do hold on tight,
and the same i shall do.
'Cos I need to fight,
'Fore I come back to you.


  1. while I write this song.... write a chorus for this! this is totally apt for my next composition dude!
    love you!