Monday, July 14, 2014

The rising cloud

Your essence touches my soul
as I breathe you in.

Today this journey I take
is a different journey I make.
From heaven to heaven, till I cover all seven,
from pole to pole, till I’m lost forever.                                                    

Wrap your arms around me;
engulf me as you rise up from the valley.

Your misty touch is fluttering wings of a butterfly.
I can’t catch you, but again and again I try.
Promise me, when to ashes I turn,
together, free and wild, we’ll run.

So, as my hair flies and heart wanders,
I crave to hopelessly surrender.
Each curve, each bend, all depths and heights-
you were specially designed to hypnotise.

The artist of all artists created you as if to taunt me,
“You will be hungry forever. Go, have her if you can”.

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