Thursday, March 27, 2014

My bright green forest valley

Let the smoke rise, blaze high. Please.
High is where it will take you.
As rain pours on the land ablaze, drenched are leaves.
Bright green.

I sway to the beat,
with lids too heavy to lift, I fly. High.
This incense, there is something in the green air I breathe.
Bright green.

Share my trance.
Here birds don’t sleep, leaves are soaked forever,
and liquid green eyes, lazily dance.
Bright green.

The music is flying,
and the tempo rises endlessly.
I cry green tears of wonder, my heart sighing.
Bright green.

That’s me on the floor.
I look at me. She spins as she moves,
leaps to an unknown realm of forests & moor.
Bright green.

I must shut my eyes, I am dizzy.
I can’t for she won’t let me.
I Inhale the green air. All fuzzy.
Bright green.

Bring me the shimmering trees.
She must wrap herself around them,
love them as I pray feverishly.
Bright green.

Pray, "never stop this green rain".
With feet dug inside wet, brown earth,
she makes love to the soil I inhale.
Bright green.

Red, blue, green smoke I see
rises to the sky. Blazes high.
As high as it will take me.
Bright green.

The hazy lights in my eyes,
blaze as my heart. Blaze high.
So high is where we go, she and I,
where our sky is bright green. Bright green.