Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Confusing, inexplicable 'love'... can you explain?

Who knows what love really is?
Who first named it love?
Which emotion does love signify?
Who are we supposed to love?

Is mother’s love the same as father’s?
Is sibling rivalry a form of love?
Or does it result from living together?
Then what’s a lover’s first-sight love?

Is everyone’s love the same degree?
Or are there varied shades of love?
Like teacher’s, child’s or God’s devotee?
Then how many emotions to define as ‘love’?

What if ‘love’ is convenient naming, by one cornered to explain?
So maybe he made up a word called love?
To get away with “it’s got multiple meanings”?
So now we thoughtlessly exploit this hollow, meaningless word called ‘love’!

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