Thursday, May 31, 2012

Peace-less Sleep

The first chirp of the day is rather depressing, as is the sky that grows brighter every minute. This new day is not a new day, its just a continuation of yesterday. It's the harsh croaking caw of a crow that wakes you up from your open eyed sleep but you just shut your eyes harder in the hope of falling asleep, of dreaming a beautiful, peaceful dream, something to inspire you. But the itch on the side of your left foot doesn't let you. No solace. You throw your arm across your eyes but it's not only the sunlight streaming through your window that bothers you but the constant stream of random thoughts that, even if you wanted to, you couldn't pen down in a frenzy. It's simply impossible. You sit up. You lie down again. You try the sides. But it's no use. Where is the switch to turn off this never-ending barrage of words, sentences in your head? You promise yourself you'll write it all down when you wake up later but you know you won't.

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