Sunday, October 9, 2011

Where Are You?

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Hold my hand, walk with me.
Lets go back in time and remember how we used to be!

As children we stood there with dreamy eyes,
Making promises to ourselves that we would reach the skies.

Dreams of achieving big things, grand things,
Of all the changes in this world we would bring.

Remember we dreamed about our knight in shining armor?
How he would be tall, dark and a complete charmer!

And as we grew up we knew we'd have to part.
But remember we made promises, we'd always be in each other's heart?

Then came the day when we had to say goodbye.
In our souls we knew that we'd be best friends till we die!

Hold my hand, just for a minute, and you'll see.
Turn around, look! All that we lost through this long journey.

Chasing our dreams, all these years, relentlessly.
Never realizing that whats got to be, will surely be!

We never got to see the face of our knight.
Apparently they were just a part of our fancies taking flight.

Our days of innocent promises and impossible dreams,
Though all in the past, are a part of you and me.

I could still fool myself into believing that all these things are true!
If, and only if, I am holding your hand, standing here with you.

My dear dear friend, where did you disappear.
My dream to dream can come true only if you are here!!

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