Monday, September 12, 2011

Peace of Mind...

I feel so burdened with this guilt that I have begun to justify your wrong doings. I simply cannot undo what I have done but I can certainly take solace in the truth and honesty of my feelings.

Each day I ask myself 'Why!?' and the only answer, reasonable answer, I can come up with is me! And for this reason alone, despite all the pain and injustice I have suffered, I can perhaps say that I deserved it.

If I could just wipe off that one wrong move maybe I would be able to put all the blame on you and get on with my life.

But I can't. But then again, something's GOTTA give, right??!
Where IS the peace of mind????

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  1. :)
    Such is life, eh? I've tried doing what felt like the right thing to do but things dont always work the way you want them to. So, whether your fault or not, the key is to not blame yourself. Accept the consequences, learn your lessons and keep moving forward.