Monday, March 7, 2011

You Don't Worry

If God has sent me into this world
It is not so that I be unhappy.
If God has sent me into this world
I am certain there is a purpose to it.
Even if I can never figure out what,
He is there and He knows.
So, I need not worry.


  1. You are here caricaturing God here. You must have heard of a story of a sinking man. When few people come to his rescue he says that God will help him. Likewise he refuses many helps that come to rescue him believing that GOD wold save him, BUT ultimately he dies.Later in heaven he asks God that why didn't HE come to save him? He was replied that that what he exactly did.He tried to save him many times over but since he was not ready to help himself even God couldn't do anything. I hope you are getting my point. The circumstances that you encounter in day to day life are that help or signs send by God to help yourself in finding the purpose of your life. So in fact you need to think not worry.

  2. You are right... but its just good to know that even if everything goes wrong...there IS someone out there, apart from you yourself, who is looking after you! :)

    If you cannot make sense of certain things that happen in life, does not mean that there IS no sense in them...everything happens for a reason. Thats what I am trying to say here :)

  3. Sometimes its difficult to decipher what mystical thought process goes on into a poet's mind while the way u sound a bit matured in your response(may be because its a public forum :P).....frankly, I expected an outburst :D
    I also replied on one of your blog titled
    "What is real right?"
    awaiting your response:)

    Your dearest anonymous faceless reader.

  4. My dearest anonymous faceless reader

    Why would you assume @ outburst... in fact, I would thank you for going through my blog and taking the time to actually comment! :)

    (I replied to your other comment btw)