Sunday, September 12, 2010

Yeh Hai Dilli Meri Jaan!!

I am just beginning to understand how appearances can be deceptive and beauty is only skin deep. For how long do you think the ugliness residing within will be willing to stay just inside? In some way or another it is bound to show, perhaps by the will of the water Gods or maybe our politicians are enough for this? Why trouble the Gods, eh? The one to give me this knowledge and such great wisdom are the Common Wealth Games, 2010 that are taking place in none other than my very own dearest Delhi. How, you might ask? (Unless, of course, you already know, which I am sure is the case here!)

I see the new face of Delhi and I fail to relate to it. I liked you better my dear when I knew exactly where your pot holes and ditches were located. Now, everything is covered by a thick layer of such foundation that I don’t even come to know when I step upon one of those old ditches before walking off, oblivious. Obviously, a ‘few’ times when the rain Gods blessed us and your foundation came off is negligible, right? At least, for a few seconds, I saw the old you and it was such a treat to my eyes!

I see the new shiny Delhi, if I close my eyes most of the times while driving. The beautiful landscaping, the smooth roads, the shiny long cars and the bright night lights, all look so enchanting. I see the new sparkly metro, but only from a distance because the crowded platforms make me ill, the long new flyovers that I am not allowed to drive on (perhaps that’s because they are not ready yet?) and the revamped stadiums that I’ve only seen in pictures and I doubt I’ll ever get to see for real. Everything is brand new apart from the politicians of course, who are still the same. Sometimes I feel my eyes sting with all the brightness and the sheen. Oh wait, is that the sheen of Kalmadi’s sweaty face as he screams, “This is a conspiracy!”?

I can only take relief in the fact that the clock will strike twelve sooner or later and you will have to return before the pumpkin turns back to a pumpkin. (As it is, the Prince is not even coming! Nor the Queen! Nor the British! Nor the Canadians! Anyway, moving on…) The foundation will all come off and you will become the Delhi that I always knew! Thank God for that!

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