Monday, July 12, 2010

Thank you!

Its not that I did not know pain,
Its not that I did not know tears.

When'er I'd fall and scrape my knee,
And the pain was just too much to bear,
There were two arms that held me tight,
Blew air on my gash till his mouth went dry!

When I was scared and everything was dark,
I was unsure of whats there and what is not,
There were two lips that sang to me,
Taking away all my insecurities!

The pain now is much too strong,
The torrid tears, no less than a storm,
No two hands and lips in this world,
Can banish misery and console my heart!

Now I will never be the same,
Never knew pain could drive one insane,
Thanks to you I know so now,
for this, in front of you, gratefully I bow!

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