Thursday, December 3, 2009

Boogey Boogey Man!!

When I was a little girl,
I’d see strange things at night,
Real those things were not,
Stories others never bought,

I’d see people hiding,
Behind curtains in our room,
Scared, I’d point them out,
But never would I scream or shout,

Every night when I’d go to bed,
I’d turn off each and every light,
In light I was afraid to sleep,
Afraid of what I just might see,

One night as we all slept,
I saw something that made me sweat,
I whispered to my mumma and said,
“I see a man sitting on our bed”,

It was dark but I still saw,
I was shivering, scared for my life,
Mumma, she hugged me, hugged me tight,
“Hold on to me, just shut your eyes”,

Then suddenly I was twelve,
Next to my papa that night I slept,
As always, it was pitch dark,
The night was silent and stark,

I was up in the middle of the night,
To find something horrible and terrifying,
Someone was peeping through the door,
A person, completely white from head to toe,

It looked like a very young boy,
Featureless young little thing,
Radiating milky flawless moonlight,
Heading towards me ever so slight,

Every time I opened my eyes,
He somehow knew I saw him too,
He would be beside me standing,
He’d run back out, from me he’d be hiding!

My mouth clammed shut I woke my dad,
He got up to calm me down,
Left the lights on, that night, for me,
That night, or many after, I did not sleep,

Since that night on things changed for me,
Come darkness and I’d start worrying,
When I’d go to bed each night,
I would never turn off all the lights,

Ten years later, things mellowed down,
With my sister that night I slept,
It was fairly dark in our room,
Fear forgotten I slept peacefully too,

Suddenly woke up, sounds I heard,
With someone surely bending over my face!
My sister’s hand I held for I was scared,
Silhouettes I saw and silently I prayed,

(Incomplete ---> to be continued…)


  1. Finish it soon please! I wanna know what happens next!

  2. My third read this...awesome work i must say!
    Do finish it soon!

  3. Hey! thankyou so much! The problem with me is that I often start but seldom complete! :(
    I need to get the right words to complete this one...

  4. :)
    Trust me, if you start looking for the right words, you'll probably never be able to write poetry! Look for the emotions and just express them, the words flow automatically!
    Try finishing the poem feeling the monsters within, you'll be done in no time!
    I'm waiting eagerly to read the end!